A downloadable game for Windows

Attack of the Killbots is a single player wave based survival where you can upgrade your guns. I plan on continuing development eventually, but will not at the moment. I will most likely add multiplayer, but this is not certain.

Enjoy, and please leave me feedback! Feedback will help shape the game. If multiple people suggest I change something, or I get many requests for the same thing I should add - it will happen!


AttackOfTheKillbots.zip (14 MB)


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I played the game. I loved it !

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OMG! You've made my day! No one has ever done a game play video of something I've made! Thank you so much! I hope you're happy to know I'm already in the works of giving the game a 2 player co-op capability. The good kind of co-op: Online functionality! (NAT Punchthrough and LAN) port forward capable))

Adding between round objectives is a great idea, thanks! The only objective at the moment is available at round 25, sort of an easter egg. It goes get repetitive and I should add more content to fix that. Thanks for the ideas :)