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Attack of the Killbots is a wave based survival where you can upgrade your guns, and unlock a hidden gun. It can be played singleplayer, or multiplayer. Playing singleplayer allows you to save your score to your local leaderboard. Playing multiplayer allows you to revive downed team mates to survive longer.

Enjoy, and please leave me feedback! Feedback will help shape the game. If multiple people suggest I change something, or I get many requests for the same thing I should add - it will happen!


AttackOfTheKillbotsV1.11.zip 19 MB


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I played the game. I loved it !

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OMG! You've made my day! No one has ever done a game play video of something I've made! Thank you so much! I hope you're happy to know I'm already in the works of giving the game a 2 player co-op capability. The good kind of co-op: Online functionality! (NAT Punchthrough and LAN) port forward capable))

Adding between round objectives is a great idea, thanks! The only objective at the moment is available at round 25, sort of an easter egg. It goes get repetitive and I should add more content to fix that. Thanks for the ideas :)